Mustang ONES

In fact, I wanted to write a story about this STI a long time ago. After all, he was also the pride of the village. More than a decade ago, when the 10th generation STI was officially launched in China, there were 300 horsepower 407 cow-rice torque, front, middle and rear slip differential, full-time four-wheel drive. Besides the good friend EVO, STI had no strong competitors in the 1 million range.

Of course, it is not that STI is really so powerful, but ten years ago, turbines were not so popular, high-end performance cars are basically large displacement of natural inspiration, only Porsche 911 TURBO, Audi RS such a few turbines. In the field of household cars, apart from Saab, which has now disappeared, I can't imagine a second brand focusing on turbines. At that time, owning a Saab 93 with 2.0T 210, or a Bora R with 1.8T 180, could kill 95% of the cars on the road in