Who calls it a lotus flower?


Lotus is a brand that I believe many people are unfamiliar with. Overseas, people call it Lotus. There are not many models under it, but most of them are of high value. However, it has no handsome appearance, nor high-end configuration, but in the eyes of competitors, Lutes is not an easy opponent to beat. At first, Lutes was almost born for racing events, building racing cars to participate in various events, while the production of civil sports cars is only a "accessories" of Lutes brand, which is the source of funds Lutes used to support the events.

There are not many models of Lutes, but each one is of high quality. For the current Exige, carrying Toyota's proud 2ZZ-GE series small displacement (1.8L) mechanical turbocharging engine, not only small size and light weight, but also can burst out 245 horsepower, while the weight of less than one ton of Exige is the real courage for Exige to challenge many overruns. However, the owner is not satisfied with this, replacing better K&N intake and customized banana, cooperating with BOE Quarterstick exhaust system, further enhance the potential of Exige.

In terms of appearance, for a track sports car like Exige, refitting a wide body is no different from "self-abandoning martial arts". Who makes the owner like the wide body so much? The postman green paint is in line with Lutes'usual style. The rivets exposed at the wide body enclosure joint are more like a tribute to the event. The golden VIP Modular VXS210 hubs add a lot of points to the overall face value. The size of the first 17 inches matches the size of the last 18 inches. The biggest highlight of the rear is the 1.7-meter-wide Voltex carbon fiber tail, which makes the car less than 4 meters long look very powerful.