Who says elegance is dull?


Jaguar is probably one of the most perfect brands that combine classical luxury with sports performance. Starting with C-TYPE, it opened the Jaguar TYPE series. The classical beauty is remembered at a glance. But beauty is not the only symbol of Jaguar, and the speed it represents. C-TYPE once brought the first Le Mans crown in Jaguar's brand history. Military trophy, and again defended in 1953.

However, just as no one is satisfied with his current achievements, so is Jaguar's pursuit of speed. So D-TYPE research and development is on the agenda, Jaguar set the goal for them is lower chassis, shorter body and lighter weight, of course, faster. In this way, the Jaguar TYPE series continues to grow stronger.

Until the emergence of E-TYPE, this car can be called Jaguar's most classic model, even the famous Enzo Ferrari has praised the E-TYPE is the world's most beautiful sports car, until 1974 E-TYPE ceased production, and then there are rumors that Jaguar's new F-TYPE is coming, but this is 40 years old.

It wasn't until 2011 that Jaguar launched the CX-16 concept car that fans saw the prototype of the F-TYPE. In 2012, F-TYPE officially appeared, but it did not follow the appearance design of its predecessors, after all, after decades, people's aesthetic has changed dramatically.