This M3 is for Speed and Passion.


The M3 I saw today was originally created for the movie Speed and Passion, but it was not used because the script was changed midway. When the owner got the news, he bought it immediately.

The owner of the car is a BMW fan, even he said that the blood flowed blue, white and black in the BMW badge. He owns several BMWs, but the M3 is the best of all his BMW models and his favorite.

This BMW M3 is not a posture setting M3, walking style of competition, indeed, competition belongs to M3 should have temperament. In appearance, a wide-body kit from Flossman/Eisenhaus GTR-style adds a lot of ferocity to the original atmosphere of M3, while the blue pearl style car paint symbolizing speed is very bright, and it is easy to see its figure in the traffic at a glance.

Unlike the exaggerated wide-body style in many wide-body modification cases, the M3 seems to have a relatively harmonious wide-body and does not make people feel abrupt. The front and side grilles of the carbon fiber reinforced the competitive feeling of the M3. In addition, there are many carbon fiber engine accessory covers in the M3 engine compartment.

For suspension, a set of KW V3 twisted teeth is used as shock absorber. The hub is a set of HRE 540R hub which is worth a lot of 20-inch competitive model. The data are 20x9.5J (front), 20x11J (rear), and the matching tires are 255/30 (front) and 305/25 (rear) of Hantai.

On the power side, the M3 uses a third-order turbocharging kit from Active Autowerke, with Powerchip ECU upgrade, the power side of the upgrade is obvious. Magnaflow 2.5 inch diameter exhaust system is used for exhaust. In addition, as a car for Speed and Passion, nitrogen acceleration system can not be less.

The M3 should be upgraded mostly by its interior, which has a lot of carbon fiber components. The interior was upgraded from car seats, seat belts to armrests, dashboards, central console blue accessories, small pieces such as carbon fiber brakes, throttle and pedal kits, 7 inch capacitive screens, vehicle navigation, etc.