It's not on the market yet. The refitting kit already exists!


From the birth of E21 Generation 3 in 1975, to the first high-performance version of E30 Generation M3, to the later recognized as the most classic E46 Generation, until the controversial F30 Generation 3 emerged six years ago, it has been accompanied by countless people for more than 40 years. Although there is more or less controversy about the three lines of each generation, it is undeniable that the BMW 3 series is indeed the dream car of many young people in different times. It is not too much to say that it is the most successful series under BMW.

At the recent Paris auto show, six years later, BMW finally updated its three-series model and released a new generation of G20 generation 3-Series based on CLAR architecture. There is no doubt that as the "most BMW" 3-series, it will continue to focus on control performance, which is the essence of BMW.

Compared with the current F30, the new G20 has changed a lot. Firstly, the weight of the car has been reduced by 54 kg due to the use of a large number of aluminum materials. The reduction of the weight not only makes the control more agile, but also helps the weight ratio of the front and back 50:50. This is what BMW 3 has always emphasized. In addition, the center of gravity is also lower than F30, G20 may have improved in performance, but the appearance of a breakthrough in traditional design has attracted the attention of the fans. Some people like the new design very much, but others can not accept such a change, and immediately divided the fans into two camps.

Although the G20 has not yet been officially listed and will not be seen in China until next year at the earliest, BMW's M GmbH has released a refitting plan for the brand-new G20 3 system and developed the M Performance suite specifically for the new generation 3 system. This is really a battle horse, food and grass are ahead of the curve, which shows that BMW attaches great importance to the G20.