How to change Audi RS3 to be the most complete?


In the eyes of people who don't understand cars, Audi RS3 is a relatively low-key type of car, because in terms of appearance, it is not much different from the 200,000 A3. But in the hearts of real fans, RS3 has conquered numerous fans with its "exaggerated" acceleration performance since its birth. It is also the cheapest model of the Audi RS series, and the domestic price is only about 500000. The typical "pig eating tiger" model.

And whenever there is new news about ABT, which is good at mass and Audi refitting, we can't wait to know what works they have launched that make people salivate. The target of this old refitting plant is Audi RS3 Sedan. Don't underestimate this low-key look. It can raise horsepower to 500 HP at a stretch of speed, even 300 km/h.

Ordinary version of Audi RS3 can explode 400 hp/48.9 KGM crazy power by relying on the heart of 2.5-liter in-line five-cylinder turbine, while ABT has increased power to 460 hp/54 KGM by relying on the first-order ECU of external computer to change fuel supply, turbocharging value and so on. If all the optional Upgrade Kits are on board, the power can be upgraded to 500 hp/58.1 KGM level in one breath. 。

The so-called upgrade kit includes the intercooler developed by ABT and the stainless steel exhaust system. After optimizing the efficiency of intake and exhaust, it can easily improve the power significantly. The acceleration of 0-100 km/h can be completed in 3.7 seconds. It is nearly half a second faster than the 4.1 seconds of RS 3 made by the original factory. What's more, it is 0.1 seconds faster than the RS4-R 3.8 seconds produced by the same ABT, and the extreme speed can reach 299 km/h. It is said to have almost stepped into the "300 Clubs".

The appearance of the front and rear bumpers has a better air force effect. The radiation holes of the side leaf board of the shark's gills create a more dynamic visual effect. The black chrome plated bilateral exhaust pipe with a diameter of 102 mm is the most lethal part of the car. The wheel rim has 19 and 20 inches of two specifications to choose from.

There seems to be no significant change in interior decoration, but ABT has replaced the steering wheel, the central console panel and even the lower part of the seat which is not seen everyday with carbon fiber material, as well as the RS3 footbed embroidered with striking red letters, with leather seats treated with the same lettering.